Over the last couple years, self storage facilities have become hugely popular in the USA. In fact, they have been so well received that there are even a number of successful television programmes about them. It’s not just America that has jumped on the self storage band wagon however. Recently, this industry has also started to enjoy phenomenal growth in the UK as well.

Although in comparison to the USA, we have been slow to adopt the concept of self storage, the UK now has more storage companies and units than anywhere else in Europe. Furthermore, new facilities are being launched all the time in order to cope with increasing demand from the public.

The UK Self Storage Association recently conducted a survey and the results revealed that an astounding 80 percent of UK based operators are planning to open new depots over the next 12 months. Additionally, more than 10 percent of the companies questioned also said that they want to expand their existing facilities in 2014 and add even more square feet to their current premises.

Why the sudden increase for self storage facilities in the UK though? There are a number of factors fuelling this trend but one of the main ones is the fact that the housing market is finally starting to pick up once again. The result of this is that more and more people are starting to move house which naturally generates a greater demand for self storage facilities.

A number of social factors have also contributed to an increase in the need for extra storage facilities around the UK;

Increased divorce rates mean that people frequently have to downsize – even sometimes just as a temporary measure – and therefore need somewhere to store excess furniture in the meantime.

The population of the UK is getting older and as people age, they naturally tend to move to a smaller, more manageable home. Whether it’s because the children have moved out or mobility becomes an issue, whilst moving to a smaller house may be more practical in some ways, it does mean that there is less space for furniture, clothes and any memorabilia. As a result, more people are placing items that they don’t need access to all the time into self storage.

With the UK’s self storage industry currently generating nearly £400 million every year, it looks like it won’t be long before it well and truly catches up with the USA.