Many alarm systems have security cameras that can be placed both inside and outside your home as an option. This comes at an extra cost for the initial install and the monthly fee. But before we get too far into this discussion maybe you should look at the title question. I don’t think that the answer is the same for everyone. You first must ask yourself “What are you trying to protect and how much is that worth”? I have used this question before for other security products and locks.

Once you decide if you want cameras in your house, you then must decide if you are going to outsource this or do it yourself. Doing it yourself is not all that hard, especially with the electronics and cameras available today. So what can cameras do for your home security?

  • Place a camera outside near your front door. Know who is there, before opening the door.
  • Another camera that is looking at your pool.
  • If you have a long or hidden driveway a camera can be placed at the front.
  • If you have a baby sitter, you can place hidden cameras where your child and sitter would be.
  • This same concept can apply to the elderly.
  • You can see your house when on vacation or out for the day.
  • If you are away and you receive an alarm notification you can see if anyone has broken into your house.

You can purchase home video monitoring systems very inexpensively these days. You first decide how many cameras that you want and if they need to be exterior, interior or hidden. Most home systems come with iPhone or Android control and monitoring. There should be some type of cloud storage that rotates after a certain period of time. The system would have to be Wi-Fi enabled so that you can communicate with it. That’s all you need for a basic system.

From the basic system you can expand and of course this will cost extra money. The good thing is you can take your time and install the extras as needed. Some of these extras are connecting your video system with your alarm system, installing a monitor near your front door so that it can be turned on and viewed while standing at the door, and putting a sensor so that if someone drives up the driveway it will alert the house and turn on the video monitors. These are just a few of the possible extras. I think you can see they can be endless.