Moving home can be a process that is both exciting and occasionally very stressful. There is little surprise that a move can bring out many positive and negative emotions at the same time, as it is a process that marks not only exciting new beginnings, but also has many logistical and practical details to be sorted out before it is possible to relax in the new property.

There are also many other reasons that people are drawn to living in cities, including its location at the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside, and its proximity to the famous areas. Regardless of why you are relocating, here are some security considerations that you must make before and during your move to the city.

Security in your new property is of prime importance, and should be given priority when moving into a new home. Often, this is a concern that falls by the wayside when other things need to be done such as installing furniture, finding your way about town and organizing transport to school or your workplace.

You should be aware, however, that moving home is a key opportunity for thieves to take advantage of lapses in home security and steal possessions.

It is true that most burglaries occur as a result of opportunism; it can simply be a case of leaving a door or window open that a thief can take advantage of. If you have just moved to a neighborhood and had all your belongings unloaded from a vehicle, this may have drawn the wrong kind of attention – at least temporarily – so be sure to take extra precautions for your home’s security.

Burglaries cannot only be the result of opportunism, however, as there is always a risk that former owners or tenants may still have keys to your home. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you change your locks on your windows and doors if possible to safeguard your belongings.

There are a number of trustworthy and reliable locksmiths that can carry out these tasks. Often, simply changing your locks can be sufficient to effectively eliminate the risk of a break in, as long as you are attentive and take care to make sure your home is secured when it is unoccupied.

Although changing the locks might seem like a very basic security measure to take when moving home, it is absolutely essential that you check with your home insurance company before you carry out any of this kind of work. The reason for this is that there are different types of locks, some of which may not satisfy your home insurance policy.

In the case of a burglary or a break in, it can be devastating to discover that your home insurer will not cover you if your security was judged as substandard or that not all of your locks were replaced during the move. For this reason, consult with your home insurance policy provider before you hire the services of locksmiths.