Technically there are two types of Push Button Door Locks, residential and commercial. Commercial push button locks can be used on residential doors, however they are not often seen there. The offering for residential push button locks are slim. Most of them are designed to fit into the existing locks holes which limit their usefulness. I recommend that for residential applications users go from a mechanical directly to an electronic door lock.

For the remainder of the article I am going to discuss commercial applications for push bottom locks. Push button locks come in a total mechanical version and an electronic version. They started off being used on internal doors to provide extra security and access control into sensitive areas of a building. When electronics was introduced to this type of lock they began being used on exterior doors as well as the interior doors.

With the electronic push button lock came a lot more access control and accountability. This type of lock is able to lock out a certain user, or it can be timed to allow entry only between certain hours on certain days. It can also allow 24 hour access to a certain group of users, but not others. Most also have audit capabilities, this is the ability to go back into the past and track a user or group of users. This information can be downloaded from the lock and stored in a database, which makes it very useful for tracking and controlling door access.

When you put one of these locks on all doors in a building access control increases greatly. You can actually watch and track a user through a building. Some people don’t like the word “Tracked” they feel like they are being watched. Guess what this is security of a building and yes you are being “Watched”. This increases when cameras are added into the security of a building which is happening more often in building security. Now you have complete access control. From the moment the users enter the building to the time they leave. During their day in the building you can restrict them from certain doors or in extreme cases you can lock them out from all doors.

So I think that you can see that Push Button Door Locks both mechanical and electronic, do indeed increase building security. They also provide a robust access control system.