Vaporooter is a new herbicides combination placed in sewer lines as foam with a specific purpose. The objective being to get rid of roots and averting any potential further destruction to the sewer pipes brought about by growing tree roots.

Only those roots which are within the pipe and those very close to the pipe get affected. Those trees and shrubs that are immediately above the ground level don’t get harmed.

Why Use Vaporooter?

Those who work or contract in the management of water and sewer projects understand how roots in the sewers choke your sewer system. For years, they’ve probably been filling up your affected pipes but now it’s reaching new levels. You now have to deal with overflows and too many blockages.

You’ve gone on to try cutting the tree roots which is expensive, time consuming and could in fact make matters worse. You might have experimented with several types of chemicals, changed contractors, all to no avail. The solution to your predicament may now lie in Vaporooter.

How Does Vaporooter Treatment Work?

Scientific research backed by extensive usage has proved that Vaporooter is perhaps the most effectual method of ridding your sewer system of roots.

Until as recently as 40 years ago, effective chemical control of roots in the sewer systems was actually deemed close to the impossible. However, scientific research has since discovered that dichlobenil and metam sodium combinations make that achievable.

These two ingredients when put together produce devastating results on those bothersome roots.

1. Metam sodium penetrates deep into the root cells, killing the root without harming those trees and plants above ground.

2. Dichlobenil has been designed to bond to your pipe joints, cracks and walls to avert new growth that could block the pipes for many years to come.

Advantages of the Treatment

This foam combination is among the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) group of approved herbicides which when well placed in your underground sewer lines gets rid of roots and stops further sewer pipes destruction caused by tree roots that are live.

1. The destruction of roots by Vaporooter is as soon as contact is made. All roots present in your pipe wall, within the pipe and those just outside your pipe will rot, die and drop off. This will allow the natural ground pressure to close up the gaps and cracks in the pipe that had been caused by the growth of roots.

2. Being a non systemic herbicide implies that it only affects the root material that it gets into contact. It travels only an extremely brief distance upwards on the root.

3. Safe for usage as the chief ingredients are commonly utilized in weed growth control on food crops.

4. Having in excess of 40 years of continued usage, it has acquired a proven and solid track record of great success. What this implies is that your sewer system becomes durable with fewer repair needs.

Numerous well documented studies have shown the Vaporooter effectiveness when used in strictly in accordance with the instructions on the label. It is fully registered and certified by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for sewer root control application.