If you have a home water well, then you are aware that there can be the occasional problem or concern. These may be caused due to age and corrosion, a depletion of the aquifer, improper well design and construction, incomplete well development, stability issues, biofouling, decreased pumping rate, an increase in sand and sediment content in the water, decreased total well depth, borehole stability, mineral incrustation, over pumping, equipment failure for any reason, or even as a result of heavy rains.

However, for many homeowners, these concerns are far outweighed by living beyond the city limits and having a water source on their own property. After all, well water, typically has fewer chemicals in it and tastes better, too!

So, if you are a proponent of well water, it is important that you learn how to do your part to keep water well repair issues at a minimum. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to keep well repair from being a major concern. Some of these include:

· Plan to have a qualified water well specialist check out your well at least every 3 to 5 years – more if your well is older. As part of the testing they will note pH levels and test for any bacteria.

· Be sure that the area within 100 feet around the well is clear of debris or items that could pollute the water supply.

· Pay attention to the way your water tastes and smells. If you notice a change, then you may want to have a specialist come check out the well as repairs may be needed.

· Get the water professionally inspected at least once every 10 years, and keep all the records related to the health and maintenance of the well. Be it water well repairs, the results of the quality test reports, past inspection reports and invoices from water well repairs or contractors and all warranties.

If there are ever any concerns with the results of testing, there are measures referred to a water well rehabilitation that can help maximize water flow and minimize or eradicate any unwanted items in the well.

Well repairs don’t have to be a part of life. Simply make the tips here a part of your household habits, and you can enjoy many years of clean well water and minimal well repairs. Talk to a local well specialist today to learn what steps your particular well and property will best benefit from -it will definitely be time well spent!