Indians have a very deep connection with mosquitoes. Either be it at home and workplace or car and metros. It’s so intense that they can hardly get rid of the insect for a day. Else most of the time they are pestered by these blood suckers. Scientists have created various mosquito repellents to put an end to this unwanted and excruciating relationship but unfortunately they haven’t broken many eggs so far to find an effective solution. In fact their inventions are more detrimental to the human beings as they are to the mosquitoes. Reason being these repellents don’t kill the insect but only manage to temporarily annoy them from their nasty business, whereas to the anthropoids, minimal to heavy exposure of the chemical can be severely damaging.

These long-legged flies have a monopoly over the already bad air in the country. There are very strong chances that you may spot hundreds of these arthropods flying all over your television screen while watching a live sports event. And since they have such abundant family, they don’t cease to play with the vulnerable humans. Given the evergreen pollution level in the country, they hardly bid farewell to the people and keep their proboscis functioning all the time. As inheritance, the public receives a variety of life threatening diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Yellow Fever, etc. The recent most present that the people countrywide got is Chikungunya, which is a lethal virus and has already taken a lot of lives. Since government’s concern is limited to providing street fogging, that too when considerable deaths have already been reported, people have been trying various methods to stay protected from the killer gang of arthropods.

As mentioned earlier, the hot favorite weapons are mosquito repellents. People vouch for these items because they are handy, readily available, and they provide instant relief. Actually there is a war happening in between these product manufacturers themselves as to which company is offering the repellent i.e. pleasant to the nose and keeps the insects at bay for the longest period, regardless of the fact that all of these touted mosquito killers hardly bring down any of them to the ground. Their effectiveness towards targeting mozzies may be unclear but it’s a guaranteed fact that these chemicals are way too deadly for people in general as well as for the patients of asthma.

So it’s no rocket science to conclude that century old thriving product, which is ‘mosquito net’ is the safest option to root for. But most of the adults act foolish when it comes to safeguarding themselves considering they still use ‘baby mosquito net’ for their kids whom they think are too outdated and embarrassing to utilize for oneself. Mosquito nets are not only productive against mosquitoes but from several other bugs too. Sleeping inside them is more comforting then it is with inhaling the killing gas of the chemicals. Moreover, they are multi-beneficial as they can be easily carried anywhere and can be even used as a camping tent. The commodity comes in two different stuffs which are polyester and cotton.