Are you are planning to fit a custom benchtop in the kitchen? This can entail the help of benchtop specialists because you should conserve what you can with the old structure because sometimes, you only need to refurbish a little part of the kitchen to give it a fresh ambiance. Nowadays, kitchens can cost a fortune, especially when you do not know which fixture would be cheaper but truly functional for the kitchen.

Thus, the question on demolishing the old kitchen and putting up a new one is an old dilemma of home owners. There are those who have discovered a good building material for the benchtop and it comes at a friendly price tag. It’s called the laminates.

So, why should you use laminates for the kitchen?

It has been proven that laminates can be used for a long time. Laminate kitchen benchtops can be your kind of thing for the kitchen and this should not give you lesser confidence about length of use. This material has been around since the 1950’s and people have appreciated its durability against moisture and breakage. Its only weakness is its inability to withstand extreme heat from pots and pans that have come directly from the stove or the oven. Heat from the pan’s bottom will scorch the surface. Some burns can be removed but if severe enough, you’d have no option but to replace the whole thing.

Laminates can fit with any theme of the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you have stainless steel overhead cabinets and chairs. You can still fit this material into the benchtop and achieve a coordinated style for the kitchen. This material is offered in many colors and designs, such as stone colors or pastel designs.

Laminates are easy to clean. In addition, the surface has a non-porous characteristic will not retain dirt and other debris that would cause molds to grow. Other materials like ceramic tiles have grout that would allow the growth of molds and bacteria. Grout in between the tiles would require a stronger cleaning agent to eliminate grime and molds. You will notice that grout can look brownish or grey because this can retain water and moisture which will encourage the growth of fungi or micro-organisms.

Do you know that your kitchen would not really look refurbished if the old benchtop is left untouched? It’s true, that even if you replace the wall paint, put a new dining table, or fix the flooring, the benchtop can still be a point of focus in the kitchen. Therefore, it is recommended that homeowners should try to fix this area first before attempting to renew all other areas of the kitchen.

Take note that this place in the kitchen is the busiest. Food preparation happens here and this is also the place where dishes are arranged after they cooked and before they are served on the dining table. Hence, you would need this area to be easy to maintain and resistant to soiling so that it would last for a long time.