Many new homes in Washington State come with a 12-month new home warranty. The cost of this warranty was figured into the sale price so you have already paid for this assurance.

Congratulations if you are a new homeowner! It is likely that your builder did a great job overseeing the construction and assembly of your home. It is in his or her best interest to produce a quality product and to provide good customer service. However, many workers were involved in the building process, and sometimes things get overlooked. Small defects in materials or workmanship can lead to expensive repairs, over time, if left undetected. A home inspection during the eleventh month of ownership is good insurance against this happening in your home.

In the vast majority of new homes that my company inspects, defects are found that the homeowner wants the builder to correct or repair. Homeowners rarely, if ever, venture into the attic or crawl space; few have the technical training needed to discover and identify these defects. For example, a small leak in the wax ring of a toilet, discovered by an inspector’s moisture meter, can lead to rotten floors and structural damage. Bathroom fans not properly vented, or vented into the attic, can cause moisture issues (mold), rot, and pest problems. Similarly, a common flashing detail at wall/roof junctions (kick out flashing) is often incorrectly installed and can lead to wood rot and pest infestation due to water entering the wall cavity.

If you own a new home here in Washington, you have likely already paid for a one-year warranty. Take advantage of this one time situation before your twelve months is up. Have a local, qualified home inspector go through your new home before the one-year warranty expires. A home inspection is much more thorough than the builders “walk through”, taking two hours or more to complete.This will help put your mind at ease, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in future repair bills.