Finding the plumbing faults is important for any house owner, not to mention about a home buyer. Finding and repairing the plumbing faults before you occupy the new home will save money and energy. In New Jersey, you can find home inspectors who will do a thorough checking of the plumbing of the house.

I moved to New Jersey a few years back, but still remember how the New Jersey home inspector carried out the plumbing examination. Moreover, I got an opportunity to learn more about error free plumbing. The home inspector I hired was working only for the customers and not for any banks. His meticulous approach in plumbing inspection proved that he is well experienced in serving his customers.

The most valuable thing I got from him was the checklist which I still use while examining the piping.

At first, the NJ home inspector assessed the overall condition of the water distribution piping. From him, I understood that various materials are used for piping out of which copper is the best option. It is a costly affair to replace the whole piping, hence always get a good home inspector before you fix the deal.

Inspection has been carried out to check for any leaks in the pipes. The signs of corrosion precede the leaks. So the inspectors check for the typical green stains in the pipes and valves. All interior fixtures and faucets have also been examined perfectly.

He then proceeded to inspect the water heater. I have heard previously that the water heater must have good ventilation to permit the flow of the toxic gases upwards. Any blockage of the flue pipe will result in the accumulation of poisonous gas. I saw the New Jersey home inspector looking for any defects in ventilation.

The drain, waste and vent systems need to be checked in your place. The drain going slowly and bubbling indicates some problems in drainage. Ideally, it should go smooth and fast.

The water pressure is a good indicator of the smooth water flow through the pipes. A reduction in the flow indicates blockage or presence of sediments.

The NJ home inspector I hired checked the flush tanks and looked for any leakage. This section is prone to leakage in many places. Even the interior portions of the tank and the toilet base did not escape his attention. Cracks in the floor will be a main concern for any household.

Water heater in the place has to be checked for any defects or damages. According to the information of the New Jersey home inspector, they are experienced in doing the inspection of all types of water heaters. He checked for rust inside the heater.

Status of the bath tub, shower and sink is the next area that deserves attention. Removing the shower head reveals the sediments that obstruct water flow. Cracked tiles or loose tiles are the common issues people encounter as they move in. Before you settle, make sure that the tiles are strong. Tapping the tiles is an easy method to detect such defects. Moreover, the faucets must be easy to handle and devoid of any leaks.