The 3.6kW portable air conditioners possess unique features that would be useful for particular uses, yet inadequate in other situations. Hence, it’s primarily beneficial to a certain group of people with just the right kind of need.

Apartment Tenants

Apartment tenants tend to be the most frequent buyers of lower-capacity portable air conditioners, such as the 3.6kW model.

When renting an apartment, you’re likely to face certain restrictions concerning the type of appliances you can install or any form of renovation you may consider. Moreover, you can’t really invest in appliances that would require extensive renovation and permanent installation, especially if you plan to relocate sometime in the future.

This means, central air conditioning systems would be impossible to install, if they aren’t already installed by the landlord. Fortunately, you can make use of portable air conditioners, which don’t require permanent installation.

In some cases, there may already be an existing central air conditioning system, but it’s inadequate. Adding a low-capacity portable model would easily make up for the poor cooling capacity. And this wouldn’t even cost you too much money.

The ease, simplicity and speed of installation make portable air conditioners quite appealing. It’s especially appealing within the busy urban life, whereby people hardly have enough time to rest while trying to make ends meet (during the little free time you have, you would rather rest than spend it on the tedious task of installing a central or window air conditioning unit).

Home Owners

Not all homeowners want to install permanent central air conditioning systems. This could be due to various reasons:

– The homeowner might not be in a position to incur the cost of installing a central air conditioning system just yet. You could be planning to install such a system during a larger renovation project; hence, you would make use of a small portable unit for the time being.

– You may have a large house, but you only use a few rooms. Therefore, installing a unit to serve all the rooms would just be a waste of energy. A portable unit would cater to the specific rooms you typically use.

– The system you already have may be insufficient; so, you need a portable unit to supplement it.

Having a portable unit can also be a good backup option, just in case the system you already have fails unexpectedly.

Office Workers

You might be working in an office or commercial building with poor ventilation or no air conditioning. To cope with the excessive heat, and if you’re allowed, you can bring in your own compact, low-capacity portable air conditioner.

Having an air conditioner not only benefits you, but also protects your office equipment. In particular, computers need cooler temperatures to avoid overheating. You certainly don’t want to spend money repairing or even replacing gadgets that overheat and wear out simply because of hot temperatures.

Even when there is a good air conditioning system, you might need to bring in additional portable units, when you have additional employees or clients in the office. The unit you have may only cater to a specific number of people and prove insufficient when that number rises. Better still, you can hire the unit just for the short period it’s needed, instead of investing too much money in buying it.