Since ancient times, human beings have harnessed the power of fire to provide light and warmth in their dwelling places. From humble beginnings as a collection of smoldering sticks to grand and imposing stone hearths, there’s no denying it; a fireplace adds brightness and warmth to the home. However, why settle for basic or ordinary when browsing a fireplace store? The following fabulous design ideas offer a unique twist on a practical amenity.

That’s Riveting!

The custodians of a private isle just off the coast of New York installed a wicked, witchy hearth in their Belle Island mansion. The epitome of goth couture, this fire pit features a chase, cladding, and mantel all fashioned from smooth, matte black iron. Studded at intervals with bold rivets, this fixture certainly makes a statement!

Knock on Wood

The salesperson at the local fireplace store may raise an eyebrow at this idea, but a build out constructed from driftwood lends a rustic, natural feel to a modern living area. While it’s not recommended to create the entire chimney from logs (those are for burning, not for building), some well-curated pieces of salvage can serve as a frame for the fire – a little bit haute, a little bit hobbit hole.

Futurist Flames

Aficionados of everything Andy Warhol will want to consider investing in a futurist fireplace. Housed in a white, egg-shaped sphere, this chic chiminea would look perfectly at home in the Jetson family lounge room. With the smooth lines and simple shapes typical of 1960s design, these pieces offer traditional warmth in true mod style.

Triangular Tinder

These days, bold, geometric designs rule when it comes to contemporary furnishings. Those with their fingers on the pulse know that clean angles and fine lines currently define what we think of as modern, and the local fireplace store is sure to have plenty of these styles in stock. Why not turn up the heat with a stand-alone triangle firebox? Popular materials include marble and glass, with mirrored interiors that reflect and refract the light for a truly outstanding effect.

The Mouth of Hades

This novelty buildout may, at first glance, seem a little bit kitsch, but such styles have persisted throughout history, dating back to the carved gargoyles of medieval times. These Faustian fireplaces feature mantles sculpted to look like giant, gaping maws. They can be demonic in appearance, but are sometimes fashioned to look like Tiki masks or the faces of Grecian gods. When incorporated into a more modern dwelling, these sizzling settings lend an aura of glamor.

Gone are the days when an open hearth necessitated drab, dull brickwork or tired, lackluster tile. With a vast array of options available, investing in an open fire can totally transform the tone of a room!