Everywhere you look, from the things we eat to the places we live, the price of everything is escalating on a daily basis. In the last decade alone, energy costs have reached an all time high. And with the increase in energy costs, the utility bills have sky rocketed. It is becoming harder and harder to keep everything within a budget, or even to set a budget. But there are certain areas where you can take charge to bring things under your control. Consider your HVAC system for example. In a typical situation, it is likely that your HVAC system consumes a large portion of your budget. But what if we told you that that there are ways to reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC system and thereby reduce the utility bills? Interested? Then keep on reading to find out what they are.

· Don’t Avoid Maintenance

Yes, we know that its time consuming and bothersome. But we also know that by keeping up with proper maintenance, you can significantly decrease the energy consumption of your HVAC system. At the very least you should opt for maintenance twice a year. Anything less than that might come back to haunt you. You don’t necessarily have to spend oodles of money on this process. A good HVAC contractor will not only charge you a reasonable amount, but the technicians of the company will also be able to tell whether any parts of the system need to repaired or replaced. In this instance, taking care of the problem in advance will save you from spending a lot of money in the future.

· Is Your Establishment Properly Sealed?

You might be tempted to blame your cooling system for not making the surroundings cool enough, when in fact the system might be working perfectly. The real culprit in this situation is the surrounding space itself. Or more accurately speaking, the unprotected space. When the establishment is unprotected, or not sealed off properly from the outside elements, it will not be able to stop the warm air from entering. Your cooling system will have to work harder as a result to counteract that. And this, thus results in the increment in energy consumption. To avoid that, seal your establishment properly and give the windows and the doors special attention.

· Don’t Forget to Replace the Air Filters

In most cases, the sudden increment in energy consumption can result from clogged up air filters. When the regular air flow is disrupted due to clogged up filters, the system has to work even harder to let the air through. The quality of air is seriously affected by this, and the system needs more power than ever just to keep on operating. You can change the filters yourself regularly on a monthly basis. Or you can hire specialists to do this job for you.

· Consider a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will allow you to take charge of the situation. You get to control when to make the establishment cooler or warmer depending on its occupancy.

Applying these tips will give you a more efficient HVAC system with less costly utility bills.