You might find yourself wanting to leave your condo. This means that you will need to learn how to sell a condo. It’s not like selling your house. Condos come with their own selling points and challenges. Before you list your condo, make sure you have the following information: How to find the right time, price, and marketing strategies.

Selling A Condo

Condos sell quicker than single-family homes, even when there is a downturn. This is because condos are smaller, more affordable, and require less maintenance. Don’t assume that your condo will remain vacant for too long. If an offer comes in, be ready to move fast.

What Is The Value Of A Condo?

This is the most difficult part of selling any property. If you price it too high, many potential buyers will not even consider buying the property. If you price it too low, you will lose a lot of money. Condos are great because you might be near similar units (or even identical). It is much easier to obtain comps. These are the recent sales prices for similar properties in your locality.

If a condo with three bedrooms, just like yours, sold recently for $168,000 you can expect to pay about the same amount for yours. According to Lindsay Listanski a Coldwell Banker Real Estate agent, “When setting the price of your condo home, it is important to determine your desired price and your bottom line price.” You might consider a short sale if you are unable to get a certain amount of condo for your condo.

How To Stage A Condo

Condos are more uniform than freestanding homes so you may need to do some extra work to make your condo stand out. You will need to clean your condo, make repairs and organize your belongings in order to show it off. Condos are smaller than single-family homes so furniture and other items can be placed in tight spaces. You can create the illusion of more space by removing or storing anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

How To Market A Condo

Now it is time to market your condo. This largely involves highlighting the unique selling points of your condo. Listanski says that condominium ownership is a great way to highlight the benefits of condo ownership. Many buyers want a hassle-free lifestyle that is not available in a single-family detached home.

Condos also have unique selling points, such as the facilities. Is there a swimming pool in yours? A fitness center? A parking garage? A meeting room? Concierge services? Show them off and take photos.

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