Are you considering replacing your old, worn-out flooring? Or are you building a new home and going through the process of choosing your flooring options? If so, here are our top five reasons for choosing Bamboo Flooring over types of wood flooring.

#1. Environmental Friendliness.

Because it is technically a grass and a highly renewable source of material, bamboo flooring is an exceptionally eco-friendly product. If you see the benefit in trying to reduce the number of trees cut annually for building materials and other uses, you’ll quickly appreciate the environmental value that bamboo flooring provides.

#2. Durability.

While scientifically classified as a grass, Bamboo has been laboratory tested to be 6% harder than oak flooring. Because of its hardness, it does not wear out easily. Bamboo flooring will out-last oak flooring. Many manufacturers of bamboo flooring even provide a lifetime guarantee. Because it will last for so long, the cost per year of use is extremely low.

Bamboo flooring is stronger and harder than any other type of wood flooring. Bamboo is actually used as rebar for reinforced concrete beams, due to the fact that it has a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs per square inch compared to 23,000 for steel. There is not a more durable wood floor than bamboo.

#3. Beauty.

While bamboo is a grass and not a tree, once manufactured into flooring it has the same appeal that traditional wood flooring has. There is a natural beauty of the product. Like wood, bamboo can be finished with a clear protective coating, or can be stained to provide some color. The beauty of bamboo matches that of many select grades of lumber.

#4. Moisture Resistance.

Being a grass, bamboo is highly resistant to rot and decay from moisture. It naturally thrives in moist areas, and it doesn’t lose its affinity for moisture once harvested and manufactured into flooring. You can use bamboo flooring in very moist areas where traditional hardwood floors would not be recommended.

#5. Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning.

Like the hardwood floors that are its competitors, bamboo flooring is very easy to maintain and keep clean, unlike carpet. There is no vacuum required. A simple dust mop is the preferred cleaning tool. Occasionally, you’ll want to mop with soap and water. All in all, the upkeep and maintenance for bamboo flooring is among the lowest of all the flooring types. Even tile floors have grout issues that raise the maintenance levels. That is not so with bamboo.

Considering these solid reasons for a bamboo floor as your top choice for flooring selections, it is no wonder that the popularity of bamboo flooring rises steadily with each passing year.