Sustainable or green energy is fast becoming a by-word especially for those who want to save on their energy consumption. The use of solar energy is fast becoming popular not only because it is free and abundant, it is also the cleanest among the renewable energy resources being used today.

If you are looking for some energy-efficient products, choosing solar-powered devices is one of the best choices that one can make. Below are some advantages as well as disadvantages of solar panel lights to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of Solar Powered Products

One of the benefits of installing solar-powered devices around the house is that they are energy independent. As long as it is situated in an area that allows the device to harvest the sun’s light then your solar-powered devices would work efficiently and there is no need to rely on other electricity sources. Some devices can also store energy for longer periods, typically 3-4 days, so you will not have to worry about suddenly losing power.

Climate change and global warning are environmental concerns that can no longer be ignored. Using solar-powered equipment decreases greenhouse gases and other harmful chemical wastes. These devices use the sun’s light and heat to generate electricity whereas burning of coal produces carbon by-products harmful not only to human health but also the environment.

Homeowners who have pets or young children in the house might be concerned with electrical wirings or plug-ins. Most solar-powered devices or equipment do not make use of wirings thus making these safer for kids or pets. Examples of these products are solar yard lights which can be installed in one’s backyard. These yard lights store power during the day and release the power at night making them a convenient way to light up the area automatically. Solar motion sensors are also available and one no longer has to put in batteries or charge them.


Although solar devices are excellent ways of reducing energy consumption, many still have second thoughts because of the price of solar panels or cells which is quite expensive. However, many studies suggest that even though the panels tend to be expensive at the onset, it can turn out to be a sound investment later on.

For places that have predominantly cloudy weather, solar panels are not recommended as the solar cells cannot harness enough sunlight to generate energy to power the devices.

That being said, solar-powered equipment can be a wise investment for those who want to save on a long-term basis and choose to not be hindered by the disadvantages presented.