┬áHave you ever wanted to build your very own garden shed? You might think that all you need is to grab a couple of wood from the home improvement store, gets some nails, perhaps you glue it together and bang – you are done. But it isn’t easy as it seems to be. It required meticulous planning and hard work. You will need to do your research thoroughly or you might cost more than you think it would.

Here are a couple of things you should know about before putting up your garden shed together:

1. Determine how big the shed is. Imagine how many things you want to fit inside it and then double it. You will never have enough space. Think about what objects you want to store in it like the Whipper Snapper, leaf blower, lawnmowers, fertilizers, etc. All of these things take a lot of space and you might need more stuff later on.

2. Make sure you have a safe lock installed. If you plan to store expensive equipment such as lawnmowers, you have to get a lock for your garden shed. In these desperate times, people will tend to steal anything they can handle on. It is better to be safe then sorry so make sure you buy a lock.

3. Determine if your garden shed can handle most environmental conditions like hail, snow or high speed winds. Make sure you buy good quality materials that can survive in most conditions. In addition, apply more nails and support to the shed if necessary.

4. Check with your council on approved garden sheds. Some council areas are very strict on what type of shed you can use in your backyard. The reasons are various and you may need to pay a fine and destroy it if they don’t approve the garden shed.