Spa treatments in your own home? Sounds to good to be true?

In everyday life we are all continually faced with stress, aches, pains or just plain fatigue. In response to this modern day problem, , the largest product distributor in the United States, is pleased to offer the greatest collection of computerized multi-functioning luxurious and , all in one unit for your . These ergonomically designed, user friendly, attractive, efficient, and affordable, bathing systems are the answer to today’s overstressed and limited personal time world. For years people all over the world have benefited from the invigorating effects of steam, and the therapeutic effects of massage. Today’s are more than just about bathing and showering. It’s all about escaping from the daily grind, relaxation, tranquility, quiet time and pampering oneself.

The products that Acquinox offers, makes it possible for even the smallest bathroom to have a place for rejuvenation and relaxation. These free standing, plug in, self contained units which can be placed anywhere in the home, backyard, office of even your boat, can be installed in place of your existing tubs and showers without the added expense of remodeling the entire bathroom. What makes these units so unique is that your bathroom will transform into a in a matter of hours.

The Product

Made out of the best acrylic the industry offers, reinforced with hand laid fiberglass for stiffness and durability, incorporating all metal framing and tempered glass, in an exquisite Italian design, placing great attention to ergonomics and details, these units offer not only style but so many features such as whirlpool massage, acupressure body massage jets, , height adjustable hand held showers, all controlled by a state of the art computerized digital panel, that also incorporates an FM radio with station memory, hands free telephones with programmable numbers, LCD TV’s, and a home stereo hook up port. All units are supported by tubular steel undercarriage with leveling feet for ease of installation right over your finish floor. Being of a modular design they are easy to transport, fit through just about any door and can be installed in any location that could provide a drain, hot and cold water and 110V, 20 amp dedicated circuit. Once installed these units offer the luxury of very low maintenance having an Ozone disinfectant system that keeps the unit odors free by eliminating the mold and bacteria that usually thrive in a wet and warm environments. Occasional cleaning with mild detergent is all that is needed to keep these units sparkling. The upscale look and the escape to another world in your own home, is just one of the benefits Acquinox offers with these . is just one more feature that these units offer. By adding a few drops of essential oils to the steam outlet, you can turn your steam bath into a holistic and therapeutic oasis that will leave you invigorated and stress free. Many of Acquinox units also offer , which although ancient in use, as a therapeutic practice, has seen a renewed interest in modern day upscale day spas. By selecting one of the seven color spectrum lights within the unit, you can benefit from mood uplifting, relaxation, stress reduction, and a number of other overall health improvements possible by consulting the chart provided with each unit. These affordable units come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate just about any size requirements.

Product#: (59.04 x 59.04 x 84.84 in)

(1500x1500x2150 mm)

This beautifully designed unit can be installed in a corner of your bathroom. The 6 back massage jets with seating for 1, height adjustable hand shower with different massage settings, thermostatic mixer, for continuous water temperature, steam generator for invigorating steam, LCD TV, FM radio, CD player hook up, Hands free telephone, Speaker, fresh air circulating Fan, Blue LED background lighting, Foot massager, Ozone sanitizing system, to keep unit free of mold and bacteria, Control panel, both internal and external, for one touch programmable features, fog free Mirror and accessory Shelves are all integrated into the back panels of this elegant unit. The shower enclosure which rests on top of a whirlpool massage tub, is spacious and cozy, while the curved contours of the tempered glass doors comfortably leaves room for you to move around. The invigorating rain fall top shower and circular accent light gently trickles over your body leaving you refreshed. The 2 person whirlpool massage tub has been designed to offer a vigorous body massage that can be enjoyed while listening to music or watching your favorite show on the LCD TV. The anti-slip accent marble step makes it comfortable when entering and exiting this home spa. Escape to your own oasis and enjoy an Acquinox experience.