Have you considered remodeling one of the bathrooms in your home? If so, then you’re definitely not alone. In fact, over 60% of the homeowners who visit Remodel or Move have expressed interest in remodeling or adding a bathroom.

But just because you want a new or improved bathroom, doesn’t always mean it’s the best idea. There are times when it makes sense to go ahead with your plans. And there are also times when you should consider other options. So how do you know when the time is right for you?

Three reasons to move ahead and not look back:

1. You have a 1 bathroom home in a 2+ bathroom neighborhood.

A 2nd and even a 3rd bathroom are among the most basic requirements people have when looking for a new home. If all of your neighbors have two or more bathrooms and you only have one, it would be a good investment to add another. If you use good sense in the design and placement of your bathroom, you will most likely recover your costs and even make some money when it comes time to sell.

2. Your bathrooms are an eyesore.

Living with a bathroom that has broken fixtures, stains and unreliable plumbing can be miserable. In this case, an appropriate remodel is a good investment of your time and money. This is even the case if you’ll only be staying in the home just a few months and then moving.

An appropriate remodel is one that results in a room that fits the scale and style of the entire home. It should not be too large or result in a completely different look and feel from the rest of the house. The materials should also be equal to what can be found in the rest of the house–not significantly cheaper, no more expensive.

3. You really like your home, but don’t like your bathroom style, size, or features.

If it just makes you feel better, your tastes can sometimes dictate remodeling or adding a bathroom even if it may not be the wisest financial investment. But only up to a point.

Make certain that you really do like much of your home, the location, floor plan, and yard. If you don’t like several aspects of your home, it may be smarter to move then to fix several items to suit your needs. You should also accept that it may not necessarily be a great investment. Surprisingly, it is entirely possible to remodel a bathroom and not have your home appreciate in value at all. This is the case if you are changing the style of a perfectly good bathroom

Two reasons to carefully consider before plunging into a bathroom remodel or addition:

1. Your bathroom is in good condition, and you only plan to stay in the home for less than two years.

Bathroom remodels can take several weeks, they are generally intrusive, and unless you are going to live in the home for several years and enjoy the results it may not be worth living through the inconveniences.

2. You already have the largest and nicest home in the neighborhood.

If your home has three bathrooms and four bedrooms, more than other homes in your neighborhood, and you’re considering adding a fourth bathroom, you should definitely think twice. You may be building a home that is desirable–just not in your neighborhood.

When you go to sell, will people who are interested in a 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom home want to live in your neighborhood or a neighborhood filled with similar homes? In this case, your addition may not add any money to the value of your home.

There are many things to consider when you’re thinking about the addition or remodel of a bathroom. Some of them may not seem as obvious to you, but they can have a significant impact on the value of your home. To get a quick and easy estimate of the cost to remodel or add a bathroom visit http://www.remodelormove.com.

Dan Fritschen is the creator of http://www.remodelormove.com, a homeowner support organization that helps homeowners become better informed so that they can make the right decision on whether to remodel or move. He is also the author of the book Remodel or Move? Making the Right Decision, available from ABCD Publishing, LLC. He can be reached at dan@abcdpublishing.com.

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